2022 Election Campaign

Late last year, after much discussion and analysis, the Justice for Refugees SA Management Committee decided that their 2022 Election Campaign Strategy would focus on working with our members and supporters to directly engage with federal candidates in both the Senate and House of Representatives. As a focal point of this engagement the committee developed the Four Priorities for Change

This strategy was developed to avoid the dangers of public politicisation of people seeking asylum and refugee issues. It would also enable us to utilise our best resource, our members, to voice community concerns directly to our political decision makers, and build a foundation for long term engagement with elected MPs and Senators post election.

In light of this of this decision, since the beginning of the year, the J4RSA Management Committee, supporters and members, have been busy working tirelessly to engage and meet with sitting MPs, Senators and candidates in key seats around SA. This engagement has also including writing to candidates and going to local candidate forums. We have held How To Meet Your MP webinars for young supporters.

A long with this work Justice for Refugees SA and been working in collaboration with over 140 organisations around Australia. All these organisations, from small volunteer community based to large national agencies, having been working hard in raising awareness with voters and influencing decision makers. 

Election Resources

Education Campaign

  • ‘They give up on their education. A lot of talented students that the education system fails. I’m here, hopeful that I’ll get an opportunity to go to uni so I can get my Bachelor of Nursing and help others’ – Mani
  • ‘How can you support yourself when you have to maintain your GPA and work simultaneously?’ – Bella
  • ‘Those young people are lost to the system. Their intellect is lost to us. And everything they bring is lost to us’ – Eva
  • ‘This is reflective of a broader problem with the way we treat refugees. It is just unacceptable that we don’t give people living in this country civil and liberal rights. Education is one example of how people on TPVs are treated, but there are many others’ – Alex

Justice for Refugees SA has given a priority this year to identifying and challenging the significant barriers to tertiary education for students on particular visas. Their education often halts at the end of secondary school because they are expected to pay international fees to enrol in university, which is financially prohibitive. The above quotes came from the wonderful speakers at our AGM, held 31 March 2021.

This issue directly impacts many refugees in our community. You can read more about it here. Recent media attention shows the importance of this issue, and that it’s time to approach media and government and ensure something is done.

  • ‘A life in limbo’, ABC News, 7 March 2021
  • ”Incredibly onerous’: refugees lured by hope of a visa that’s near-impossible to secure’, The New Daily, 7 March 2021
  • ‘Scholarship helped refugee Parastoo Bahrami fulfill education dream’, ABC News, 11 March 2021

Education is the key to transforming people’s lives in a myriad of ways. When education opportunities are denied, it means many refugees remain in limbo. They cannot contribute to society in meaningful ways that reflect their competencies and capacities.

We want you to be involved in our education campaign. Email us at and let us know you want to stay informed about any updates. We are taking our first steps and will have exciting news soon.