Justice for Refugees AGM 2023

Wednesday 7pm, 8th November 2023

Effective Living Centre

26 King William Rd, Wayville SA 5034

6.30pm for a 7pm start


Following the J4RSA Management Committee election, there will be a panel discussion.

Still in Limbo: Multiple lenses

Come to hear the lived stories and advocacy experiences of:

  • A young person who lacks access to tertiary education, so her learning is now in limbo
  • A contrasting story of a young woman who no longer pays International student fees  after being been granted permanency this year
  • Families of refugee background living in limbo with little chance of reuniting with their relatives still stranded overseas
  • Members of the Adelaide Vigil for Manus and Nauru who advocate for more just treatment of those people seeking asylum but are trapped in limbo in Papua New Guinea.

There will be opportunity for:

  • Discussion and Q&A
  • Contribution towards 2024  J4R SA priorities for action
  • Nomination to be on the management committee of J4RSA
  • Sharing of a light supper prior to the start of the meeting

Refugees in Limbo - 10 years too long; is one of the campaigns J4RSA has been focusing on this year. Raising awareness on the harsh realities of people who have been forced into limbo as they don't have a TPV or SHEV and therefore are unable to access a pathway to permanency.

For more information on the campaign please go to HERE

Election of Management Committee

All Management Committee positions are up for nomination and re-election. To nominate you must be a member of J4RSA and membership fees must be up to date prior to the AGM vote. As per constitutional requirements nomination forms must be received October 25. Nominations should be emailed to The Secretary c/o

Nominations for Justice for Refugees SA Management Committee

If you are interested in nominating for the Management Committee please see the forms below. Closing date 25 October 2023

Individual Nomination Form

Organisation Nomination Form


To check your membership details go to our website HERE or contact Judith Adams at

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Cash (at the AGM)


REFUGEES IN LIMBO - 10 Years Too Long

Day of ACTION Wednesday 19th July 2023

On Wednesday July 19 this year, was the 10th anniversary of former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd announcing that people arriving by boat, seeking asylum, will never be settled in Australia and be processed offshore.  To commemorate this anniversary, Australian's joined together, and called on the Albanese Government to bring the remaining 80 people in PNG to Australia

About the campaign

Here in Adelaide, Justice for Refugees SA, in collaboration with The Adelaide Vigil for Manus & Nauru, gathered outside the offices of the Hon Mark Butler MP, the Hon Amanda Rishworth MP and the Department of Home Affairs, calling for those remaining in PNG, to come to Australia. 

Along with these actions, the J4RSA Management Committee have personally delivered letters to key local Federal MPs and Senators offices.

Let your local Federal representative know

To add your voice - write/email/call/visit you local Federal MP and Senator. For more information about the campaign and to know how you can contact your Federal representative go HERE


Thursday 2nd Feb 2023

On Thursday 2nd February J4RSA members and supporters lobby for an immediate announcement regarding permanency for refugees on temporary visas at three key Minister offices in Adelaide; Senator the Hon Penny Wong, the Hon Mark Butler MP and the Hon Amanda Rishworth MP.

In Port Adelaide, supporters, met with Mark Butler at his electoral office including Bella Nguyen a young refugee now living in his electorate.

While there has been a commitment by Minister Andrew Giles at the end of last year that there would be an announcement “soon”. Refugees are becoming increasingly despondent and questioning the commitment of this Labor government. 

This action was held in the lead up to the Parliament opening for the year next week and was in coordination with other local groups and organisations, who are part of the Australian Refugee Action Network (ARAN).

The J4RSA Management Committee also wrote to other SA Federal Government members; Senator the Hon Don Farrell, Louise Miller-Frost MP, Senator Karen Grogan, Senator Marielle Smith, and Steve Georganas MP, on behave of members and supporters

AGM Thursday 17th November 2022

Fr left. Mobin Achakzai, Gary Wilson. Meredith Evans, Chris Keating, Libby Hogarth, Eva Kannis-Torry, Kirsty Magarey, Meredith Edwards, Louise Miller-Frost MP

J4RSA Management Committee 22/23

At the J4RSA AGM 2022, a new Chair, Chris Keating was elected. Chris has been involved with J4RSA for many years most recently as Treasurer. Gary Wilson is continuing in the role of Secretary, and Kirsty Magarey is now Treasurer. Meredith Evans and Meredith Edwards have been re-elected as ordinary members. Along with the returning members, two new MC members were elected to the committee; Libby Hogarth, a registered migration agent specialising in asylum seeker and refugee applications, appeals and advocacy and Eva Kannis -Torry Principal of Thebarton Senior College for the past 8 yrs. Both bring immense knowledge, skills and experience to the committee, and will be a great benefit to the J4RSA team.

The Chair's Report was given by our former Chairperson, Kirsty Magarey, who stepped down from the role this year. In the report, Kirsty highlighted the work J4RSA members did in the lead up to the federal election, meeting with many candidates, including Louise Miller-Frost MP, calling for action on J4RSA Four Priorities for Change Kirsty also discussed the work J4RSA is now focusing on with the 3 Group Actions.

  • Advocating for the federal government to prioritise pathways to permanency for refugees on Temporary Protection Visas (TPV) and Safe Haven Enterprise visas (SHEV), along with urgent help for those with mental health issues resulting from prior trauma and years living with uncertainty.
  • Advocating for an end to indefinite onshore and offshore detention
  • Advocating for those who are not on any form of temporary visa and are on pre-Departure Visas. We argue for a “fair go” for these people living in limbo.

Special Guest speakers :

On the night we were very fortunate to have Ms Louise Miller-Frost MP, newly elected House of Representative Member for Boothby and Mr Mobin Achakzai, an Afghan asylum seeker (Shev) who has just finished his Yr 12 this year and was a 2022 Youth Parliament Member.

Louise Miller-Frost was very generous with her time and energy and spoke well beyond her time, answering all the questions and committing to follow up on issues that she was not in the position to answer. Louise clearly is concerned about issues impacting refugees and people seeking asylum and stayed to discuss these further with members one on one, over supper.

Mobin Achakzai very kindly shared his story with us and his experience in travelling to Australia by boat with his mother and three siblings without food and water. His mother, Malika, 42, was widowed when Mobin was only three, and strived to take her four children to a country where they could fulfil their potential. True to her word, all her children are studying very hard and are excelling at school, however to had further pain, despite Mobin excelling at school he will be unable to attend university unless he receives a scholarship (which are very rare), or pays full international student fees, as he does not have permanency in Australia.

We thank both Louise Miller-Frost MP and Mobin Achakzai for their time and appreciate the opportunity to speak with our members.


Membership fees need to be paid up in order to vote at the AGM. 
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Previous AGM 2021

Held on Wednesday 17 November 2021

At the AGM the Justice for Refugees SA Management Committee was elected unanimously including new Chair Magarey. A list of the new Management Committee members and their bios can be found HERE

We also said farewell to the Sandy Boyce who had been the Justice For Refugees SA Chair for four years.

Forum - The Power of Education in Transitioning Lives

Guest speakers - Refugees from Afghanistan living in Australia speaking about the difficulty in accessing education as well as the crises in Afghanistan, reunification with family, and the struggles, and impact of living here without a pathway for permanent protection.