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Justice for Refugees SA is a non-profit, non-partisan coalition of individuals and organisations advocating for an Australia that treats asylum seekers and refugees with justice and compassion.

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John Haren, President


J4RSA Members' Forum - Refugee Week
19 June 2018 7pm
The Effective Living Centre Wayville

Join us at the J4RSA Refugee Week Members' Forum to listen to guest speakers and be informed about the recent and very successful J4RSA Collaborative Advocacy Forum with SA refugee organisations.

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Roof Over My Head - Reinstate SRSS support for people seeking asylum

From June 4, we will see thousands of vulnerable people, including families with children, cut off from the most basic income support. In recent years they have been supported through the Status Resolution Support Program (SRSS). Up to 12,500 people will be affected nationally. The cuts will impact fathers, mothers, young people and children who are part of our communities, workplaces and neighbourhoods. Can you sign the petition to Malcom Turnbull calling on him to restore support services to avoid a humanitarian crisis in our community?