Medevac Bill

We need your help urgently to stop the repeal of the Medevac Bill.

Can you write to politicians and ask them to ensure the safety of the men and women left on Nauru and Manus, who need to be transferred to Australia for medical treatment? We've written a letter to make it easier for you. Click here to find out how to help, and who to write to.

Refugee Week 2019

On Saturday we met at the Migration Museum and shared stories of our arrivals to Australia for Refugee Week. It was a wonderful experience and special day, with a Welcome to Country from Mickey O'Brien, and the talented Audrey Brumby from Indigenu interpreting our stories into painting. Thank you to everyone who attended.

Strategy Meeting

Thank you to everyone who made it to our discussion of our election campaign and new strategic plan at Hope's Cafe. With a clearer picture of what is and isn't working, and who we should be connecting with, we are left with great momentum for the future, and a revitalised, focused strategic plan for moving forward in the current political climate.