Our purpose

Who we are

Our members come from a diverse range of backgrounds and occupations, community organisations and welfare groups, united by the quest for justice for refugees.

Where did we come from?

Justice for Refugees SA was first formed at a public meeting on 26 February 2002 in Adelaide and grew from the widespread concern about government policies and actions towards asylum seekers and refugees. JRSA ceased in 2007 following improvements in refugee policy but was reformed in June 2015 in response to the increasingly unjust treatment of asylum seekers and refugees. 

What do we want?

Justice for Refugees SA aims to achieve community support for a just and compassionate approach to refugees that builds on Australian traditions of generosity, openness and fairness.

Our Priorities

  1. End offshore detention and processing
  2. Replace temporary visas with a pathway to permanency and citizenship
  3. Repeal the cuts to Status Resolution Support Services (SRSS) payments


How do we get it?

Justice for Refugees SA advocates, lobbies and builds community support for the just and humane treatment of asylum seekers and refugees by any Australian Government. We work towards creating a society, which is well informed about the refugee issue and committed to actively supporting and welcoming asylum seekers and refugees to Australia. ​

Who do we work with?

Many of our individual and organisational members have been deeply involved in providing practical assistance to asylum seekers and refugees. We learn from all their experiences to sharpen our advocacy and provide an amplified, unified voice for all such individuals and organisations in SA. 

How can you help?

Become a member of Justice for Refugees SA and join us to campaign for a just Australia!