During this time of financial stress that is impacting families across Australia, refugees and people seeking asylum are struggling with house and food security, as many do not have access to Medicare or social welfare, and solely rely on the support of others and organisations such as Circle of Friends etc.

How can you help?

Circle of Friends

Circle of Friends provide invaluable practical support to people seeking asylum and refugees in Adelaide, and are struggling during this time. Please consider making a donation if possible:

Welcoming Australia

✨ provide a financial donation to Welcoming Australia to help keep these families from destitution (link here);

✨ offer a room or home for someone to stay in;

✨ donate non-perishable food items to help Welcoming Australia stock the pantry;

Please email or if you can help! The kindness and generosity of our community is overwhelming - you respond with care, love and welcome over and over again. We'd love your support once more. Please act, partnering with us and Welcoming Australia to give hope in a seemingly hopeless situation!

SA Community Welfare Services

SAcommunity has put together a list of Multicultural Welfare Services:

ARA Online Homework Club

ARA is pleased to announce its Online Homework Club. Please note clients must be registered prior to receiving support from an ARA tutor.