Australia tries to block disabled people from coming here – it’s part of our ugly history

May 15, 2019 9:31 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Australia’s immigration system discriminates against disabled people, often excluding them from visiting, let alone settling here permanently.

Every few months, another disabled person in our immigration system hits the headlines after they are deemed to be too much of a burden for the fragile Australian state. Each time, the community is outraged, signing petitions and begging the immigration minister to intervene. Sometimes he does. Sometimes the family is forced to leave. But the rules that create these situations remain the same, secure in their bipartisan support.

Kayban Jamshaad is two years old, and was born in Bunbury, WA. His mum, here on a skilled visa, has applied to stay. Her visa category means that Kayban wouldn’t be eligible for our public health system if he stayed, but that doesn’t matter. He has been threatened with deportation.

Australia is one of a handful of rich countries across the world that rejects nearly all immigrants with disability, saying they would create too much of a potential cost burden to the country.

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